2020 - 2021 Studio Policies
Rates & Monthly Tuition:

  • $25 / 30 minute lesson 
  • 5% discount for all lessons beginning prior to 4 PM
  • Monthly Tuition Chart below assumes 18 lessons per semester (Please see studio calendar for specific dates for lessons and holidays) 
  Semester Tuition Divided into
4 Monthly Payments
Early Bird Discount Rate
30 minute lesson $450 $112.50 $106.87
Enrollment Types:
  • Weekly reserved appointments
                  Standard enrollment: 1st semester :  September 1st – January 22nd  
                                                                       (completely online through Zoom)
                                                     2nd semester : February 1st – June 10th  
(format TBD as of 8/20/2020)
  • Bi-weekly (available as space allows – generally not recommended for younger students, but can be effective for adult students with limited practice time)
  • Space Available (useful for students needing more flexibility in scheduling or wishing to schedule additional lessons as make ups/extra help)
Lesson Times: All lessons are 30 minutes in length to maximize the productivity of distance lessons.
Invoicing & Payment: Invoices will be issued on the first day of September, October, November and December for a total of 4 monthly installments for 1st semester tuition. Invoices will be issued on the first day of February, March, April and May for a total of 4 monthly installments for 2nd semester tuition. All payments are due by the 15th of the month of issue. A Late Fee of 5% will be assessed on tuition after the 15th of the month. Payments may be made online via PayPal (direct link provided with every invoice), checks (made payable to teacher), cash or credit card at the lesson. Space Available Lessons will be invoiced separately as they occur.

Cancellations: As student progress is dependent on regular attendance, cancellations other than in the case of illness or family emergency are discouraged. Should it be necessary to cancel for that rare scheduling conflict, we offer the following alternatives for making up your lesson:
  • Pre-Recorded Lesson Feedback/Correspondence Learning – submit a video of you performing your pieces PRIOR to your scheduled lesson time. During your lesson time, we will review your playing and send detailed feedback and more assignments for the following week’s at home practice time at no additional cost. This option might be particularly helpful for students with doctor’s appointment or some other type of scheduling conflict, but does require advance preparation and planning on the student’s part.
  • Student Swap List: Some students still prefer a live, interactive, traditional lesson (delivered through video teleconference during 1st semester) and may be willing to occasionally "swap" lesson times with another student, providing more flexibility in scheduling. Students wishing to be included on the Swap List are agreeing to have the teacher include their email & lesson time to be shared with all others on the Student Swap List. Swaps should be arranged parent to parent at least 24 hours prior to the first lesson of the swap. Once a swap has been arranged, it is the responsibility of the parent requesting the swap to send an email confirmation to the teacher so that we know when a swap has been made and can prepare for each student accordingly.
  • Video Lesson - When a student can't make it to their lesson, the teachers will use your lesson time to make you a short video recording demonstrating a new assignment with new music, theory and/or technical skills to accomplish. We will send you that lesson and any required materials so that you can complete the assignment and continue practicing and making progress even when a traditional lesson cannot happen.

Teacher Cancellations: In most cases, we are able to cover lessons with highly qualified substitute music teachers when one of us is unavailable. In the event of an emergency or when no substitute is available and a lesson must be canceled by the teacher, the students account will be credited based on their tuition rate.

Books, Materials & Other Fees: The teacher will purchase necessary books & materials for the student. The cost of those books will be included on the student's monthly invoice. Entry fees for recitals or special events will also be included when applicable. A one time $50 Student Activity Fee is charged upon registration at the beginning of each academic year to help offset expenses associated with maintaining the student's subscriptions to

  • Music Learning Community
  • Piano Maestro
  • Sproutbeat
  • Supersonics Plus and other apps.

The annual Student Activity Fee also covers assorted expenses for performance opportunities & supplies, studio licensed music and resources that form a large part of our lending library for students.

Components of Instruction: In addition to the study of piano, flute, oboe or vocal coaching, all students' lessons will include elements of music theory, sightreading and performance etiquette as we assist each student to become a well-rounded, skillful musician. Additionally, piano students will work to develop skills of accompanying, improvisation and harmonization.

​Special Events: Throughout the school year, students will be offered the opportunity to perform in studio classes, mini-recitals, formal recitals and other types of performances in a variety of venues. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities as they provide a goal and purpose to learning repertoire more thoroughly and developing the skills of performing. Group Classes provide opportunities for students to work on theory games with other students and learn new material presented by special guests and resources above and beyond private lessons. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible.

Inclement Weather: During the first semester, all lessons will be hosted on Zoom through our distance learning platform.  During 2nd semester, any lessons impacted by inclement weather when travel is unsafe, will revert to a Zoom lesson in lieu of an in-studio appointment.