Continuing with the 2016-2017 academic year, we're pleased to be able to offer live online lessons via Skpe, FaceTime or Google hangout & pre-recorded online lessons.

Why consider an online lesson?

  • greater flexibility for busy parents ~ Sometimes the only reason that a student can't make a given lesson time is lack of transportation. Parents/transportation providers have long commutes that don't allow enough "turn around time" to make it home & then to the studio, or they have to run other siblings to other events, or they simply need time at home to organize meals, childcare and other household matters. An online lesson may be the solution!
  • more options for health concerns ~ Sometimes a student may have a cough,sniffles,or has missed school due to a fever/tummy ache that has broken during the day and doesn't want to share potential germs (which we appreciate as we do have to share our instrument with lots of student fingers :) If the student is feeling up to it, an online lesson which doesn't require as much energy as packing up books and getting to the studio may be the solution!
  • no travel risk for those inevitable snow days and inclement weather days ~ An online lesson with no need to travel the roads may be the solution! 
Any lesson time on the calendar can be used as an online lesson!

How it works

Live Online Lessons

  1. Notify us in advance that you'd like a scheduled lesson to be handled as an online lesson - preferably 24 hours. Keep in mind that our teaching day begins early with morning lessons beginning @ 7 AM and early afternoon lessons beginning often by 1 PM.  - We do not answer email,texts, or phone calls during lessons as our time is committed to the each student we teach during his/her lesson time. In the event that you need to change to an online lesson at the last minute do to a transportation issue that has arisen, we will do our best to check email between lessons and initiate the lesson call as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible.
  2. At the scheduled lesson time, I will initiate the Skype call with you. Please have your computer online and set up where your webcam can see you playing the piano. You will also need to have all your music, books & supplies handy and nearby in order to make the most of our lesson time together. 
  3. It is helpful if other distractions in your piano room are kept to a minimum during the lesson time so that we will be able to effectively hear & see each other.
  4. At the end of each online lesson, I will send lesson notes with assignments and what we covered, just like we do for in studio lesson.
  5. It is recommended that prior to having an online lesson, the student and/or parent have attended a Online Lesson Orientation held periodically at the studio. During that orientation, we'll practice adding each other as contacts on Skype or Google Hangout, have a mock mini-lesson, talk about how to communicate about our music using measure numbers, how to mark music effectively since that will be your task during an online lesson, and pick up a orientation gift bag which includes a starter set of pencils, highlighters, post-it notes, and other supplies you'll need during your online lesson. 

Pre-Recorded Lessons

Sometimes a live lesson isn't possible due to the student's unavailability at the scheduled lesson time (i.e. a doctor's appointment or an after school rehearsal or meeting has been called.) On these rare occasions, there is usually enough notice that the student can record their pieces in advance and send them to me via YouTube, Dropbox, Google docs or email. Video recordings are preferred so that I can watch hand position & arm movement, but audio recordings are also acceptable.
  1. Record your pieces that we're working on at your lesson. Upload your recording and send me the link. (Preferably 24 hours in advance.)
  2. During your scheduled lesson time, while you're doing whatever other appointment has taken you away from lessons for the day, I will watch and listen to your recordings. I will write my lesson notes, suggestions and directions for you and email them to you as usual.